Your personal world of window coverings

My Coulisse is your entrance to our inspiring world of window coverings. The customer portal is designed to serve you in the best possible and most personal way. Quickly, easy and accurately. Available 24/7 anywhere in the world. Welcome to our inspiring world of window coverings.

Things you can do and find in the portal

We aim to make things easy for you. Doing business with Coulisse should be fun, inspiring and educational. This is exactly what our portal is designed for. These are some of its key features:


  • Easy ordering in our online Shop
  • Become an expert in our Academy
  • Discover new products and introductions
  • Manage user accounts and permissions
  • View orders, back orders and shipments
  • Register and monitor complaints
  • Request samples and prices
  • Get support and advice

How to get access to the portal?

Our customer portal is designed for business partners. Are you already doing business with us, or do you want to become a customer? Please request an account.