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Privacy Policy

All information collected by our webshop is stored in a strictly confidential manner. This information will not be loaned, rented out, sold, or published in any way. The information you provide to Coulisse B.V. will be treated with the utmost care. You authorize Coulisse to use email, regular mail or telephone to inform you about Coulisse’s products and services, in all cases limited to the purpose for which the information was provided.

Coulisse’s webshop uses so-called cookies to collect a wide array of visitor information. These are used to optimize the webshop’s functionality for visitors. With this data, Coulisse can attune its services to the needs of its visitors as much as possible. For more information about our cookie policy, please visit Cookie policy.

Coulisse uses security technology to prevent loss or corruption of or any other damage to information. We will grant each request to remove a registered visitor (and their personal information) from our database. Should you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact Coulisse. You can contact our offices with any questions or remarks concerning our webshop or to convey your experience with our webshop or our services.

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